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Liberty1st House Cleaning

Make it happen 2016

Make it happen 2016


I am doing some house cleaning on the site today so some of the links on the side today may disappear on you and new ones may show up. Basically I am just trying to remove the dead links and adding any new ones that may be relevant today.

Call Out

I would also like to give this site some new life beyond what i can do for it right now so if you are libertarian-ish person who would like to do some political blogging but don’t know how to get started I love to talk to you about giving it a try here. I don’t care if you are right or left of center and it doesn’t all have to be political. My only line in the sand is that the vast majority of it HAS to be pro liberty and we can discuss what that mean should you be interested, If it is not obvious I tend to be fiscally conservative / socially liberal with an emphasis on personal freedom / responsibility.

As far as specific content it can cover all levels of politics from the local dog catcher to national elections and everything in between. I would prefer that it center on American politics but that is truly just a preference of mine.

I would also prefer that you blog under your real name but if you absolutely need to write under a pseudonym we can make that happen.


And last of all I would like to let you know if you see value in this site like this and would like to see more if it happen you can support and encourage it through Pay Pal on the donation page and or clicking on the Amazon add on the right side of the page before you make your purchases on Amazon.


Last Week’s Liberty1st Posts

I have heard from a new visitor of this site that it seems defunct, which I completely agree with. It does.  And I intend to correct that starting today.

I have also heard in the past that with the newer format that I put in place a year or so ago that it isn’t always clear to people that there is a new forum included with this blog. So going forward and each week I am going to post the topic to the front page of the site.

For example:

Last Weeks Liberty1st Posts

Liberty1st Forum 2.0

I am working on replacing the forum software used here on Liberty1st. The current forum has been in place for over 10 years now and is really showing its age (both in the technology used and the available features). The new forum is based on newer technology and contains many new features that the old forum did not. At this point I am still figuring out how to enable and modify the feature set so things are probably going to be fluid for a while more. 

I have put this off for a couple of years now because I was hoping that I could find a way to import everything from the old forum into the new one. However, turns out, the task wasn’t a trivial one and although I would have preferred to migrate the posts I no longer think it can be done without a tremendous amount of time and or money.

So I am essentially starting over. If you haven’t ever been to the Liberty1st forum or if it has been a while since you visited please stop by and say hello. The forum is a place where you can discuss topics concerning St Joseph County, MI (and beyond).

There is a forum for

I will probably still be tweaking the template and settings a week or two yet so don’t be surprised if it looks different from day to day. The old forum will stay up as an archive and although I am going to allow the current members to post I am going to block any new members from signing up there.

I apologize that you cannot use your old account to sign into the new forum but the new forum does allow you to use your Facebook sign in to log on and post to the site, or you prefer, you can register for an account the traditional way.

I hope to see you there,


Note about comments

When I set up this blog my intention was to remove the comments feature and replace it with a link to the Liberty1st forum. I wanted to do this to consolidate the discussions that take place on this site, which in turn would help keep the threads from spilling over here and onto the forum or vise versa. Also and as a side benefit it would make the site much easier to manage from a “web masters” point of view.

However I never removed the comments link and after only a few days I have already received my first comment on the site (wishing me a safe trip out of town) . So after giving this some more thought I am going to leave them on for a while and see how things turn out.

If it becomes too much of a management hassle or if things start to sprawl from one area to the other I will remove the comments link as I had originally intended, which should, at least, leave the existing comments in tact.

Keeping “tabs” on the Liberty1st forum

Liberty1st Logo
Besides the Liberty1st Forum topic list on the menu bar located on the right side of this page. There are three other methods for keeping up to date on the topics that are discussed there.

  1. A Top 100 posts of all time (based on read counts)
  2. An RSS Feed for the latest posts.
  3. An “Active Topics” Link for all the topics that have been updated since your last visit.

If you are new to the site the forum is a place where people from the Three Rivers area and all of the surrounding areas have a soap box to stand on and speak their minds on all things political and some things non political.

All viewpoints are welcome so please take some time to browse the forum, join the discussions and add your own two cents.

I hope to see you there soon!