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Liberty1st Forum is back up!

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Ok after what turned out to be almost a full month I have finally restored the Liberty1st forum’s database. And for those unaware I have been having some issues with the hosting server where resides used to reside. It started a couple of months ago and originally it was just a slow down in page loads but progressed to timeouts in a very short time. After spending a couple of weeks getting no help from the host at that time I decided to find a new host before the end of a new billing cycle.

Once I found a new host I starting migrating the site but again since I couldn’t get any help/support from the old host so I couldn’t get a backup of the forum’s database. And since I did not want to start the forum over from scratch I decided that my only option was to script all the tables, views and stored procedures to a text file and then reinstall them one by one on the new server, which I did.

I was able to import everything from the old database to the new one but once done I found that there were some problems with permissions, keys and data constraints. Anyway a couple of nights ago I was finally (I think) able to get everything back in its correct place.

So right now everything seems to be working again. I will restore the links to the forum from this front page in the next day or two but for now you can get to it via this link

Please let me know through a comment to this post or directly on the forum if you find something that doesn’t work right or run into any problem at all.



Liberty1st Outreach

Lately I have noticed a lot of web traffic coming from other South West Michigan Cities outside of the Saint Joseph County area, which is where the Liberty1st forum was started and has spent most of its focus on. And while the current L1 forum doesn’t have anything close to the kind of traffic it was getting two or three years ago (from the old forum) there is still enough interest to keep it going. However I am starting to wonder if I should consider outreach to, at least, the counties surrounding Saint Joseph County.

The cities I see the most traffic from are Vicksburg, Schoolcraft, and Portage, which are all in Kalamazoo County. If you are one of the visitors from those cities or any of the city in the area and would like a forum specific to your area let me know with a comment to this post.

Liberty1st Forum 2.0

I am working on replacing the forum software used here on Liberty1st. The current forum has been in place for over 10 years now and is really showing its age (both in the technology used and the available features). The new forum is based on newer technology and contains many new features that the old forum did not. At this point I am still figuring out how to enable and modify the feature set so things are probably going to be fluid for a while more. 

I have put this off for a couple of years now because I was hoping that I could find a way to import everything from the old forum into the new one. However, turns out, the task wasn’t a trivial one and although I would have preferred to migrate the posts I no longer think it can be done without a tremendous amount of time and or money.

So I am essentially starting over. If you haven’t ever been to the Liberty1st forum or if it has been a while since you visited please stop by and say hello. The forum is a place where you can discuss topics concerning St Joseph County, MI (and beyond).

There is a forum for

I will probably still be tweaking the template and settings a week or two yet so don’t be surprised if it looks different from day to day. The old forum will stay up as an archive and although I am going to allow the current members to post I am going to block any new members from signing up there.

I apologize that you cannot use your old account to sign into the new forum but the new forum does allow you to use your Facebook sign in to log on and post to the site, or you prefer, you can register for an account the traditional way.

I hope to see you there,


Liberty 1st Forum Links

I have heard from a few people that they have had a harder time finding the Liberty1st Forum since I changed the site around a while back. So here is the direct link:

You can also find it by clicking either of the two links on the right side of this page. The first link is under the General Links on the right side of the page and the second link is at the top of the page on the right side (just under the Declaration of Independence).