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Make it happen 2016

Make it happen 2016


I am doing some house cleaning on the site today so some of the links on the side today may disappear on you and new ones may show up. Basically I am just trying to remove the dead links and adding any new ones that may be relevant today.

Call Out

I would also like to give this site some new life beyond what i can do for it right now so if you are libertarian-ish person who would like to do some political blogging but don’t know how to get started I love to talk to you about giving it a try here. I don’t care if you are right or left of center and it doesn’t all have to be political. My only line in the sand is that the vast majority of it HAS to be pro liberty and we can discuss what that mean should you be interested, If it is not obvious I tend to be fiscally conservative / socially liberal with an emphasis on personal freedom / responsibility.

As far as specific content it can cover all levels of politics from the local dog catcher to national elections and everything in between. I would prefer that it center on American politics but that is truly just a preference of mine.

I would also prefer that you blog under your real name but if you absolutely need to write under a pseudonym we can make that happen.


And last of all I would like to let you know if you see value in this site like this and would like to see more if it happen you can support and encourage it through Pay Pal on the donation page and or clicking on the Amazon add on the right side of the page before you make your purchases on Amazon.



  1. It’s been a millennial since we’ve sat down and talked it seems, but it appears our ideology hasn’t veered too far away. I’d love to sit down and catch up some time.

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