County Commissioner defends controversial comments

WWMT Channel 3 News has released a new story about the comments Allen Balog made on his Face Book page. on July 17th. You can read the whole thing here. Also you can see the video that is being commented on here (actually I couldn’t find the original video when I went looking for it so if you find the link please post in the comments

Update #1 A reader sent me a link to the original video so I edited this post to include it.

The post can be seen in this screen cap below.

Allen Balog Response

Unfortunately Cody Sharpe’s posts don’t seem to have a permalink included with each post so I will include his full comment below.

 Commissioner Balog’s remarks advocating bodily harm to protesters is shocking and reprehensible. The Cody Sharpe Campaign lends their full support to public officers and civil servants in the line of duty, and we strongly discourage illegal activity in the course of protest, including the blocking of public roadways and interstate highways. However, Commissioner Balog’s words threatening the safety of human life cannot be tolerated or overlooked by his constituents. We highly recommend exercising common sense while we stand in support with public officers and with peaceably assembled protesters for the Black Lives Matter campaign. We urge all involved to remain sensible and safe while engaging their first amendment right to protest.

You can view his post on his site but you will have to scroll down the page to find the comments if new posts have been added since this one went up. The original text can be found on the Cody Sharpe for St. Joseph County Commission District 1 Face Book page.

Update #2 MLive has a pretty good write up about the controversy along with more comments from Allen and some of what is being said on Social Media about the controversy. I would recommend that anyone that has an opinion on this (either side) should read the whole article. You can check it out here.



  1. While Commissioner Balog has asserted that I am the sending people to go email and be vulgar to him, I am not. I was intervied by WWMT and they kept baiting me to be negative and bash him. I turned this into a positive, there are many citizens that feel their voices are not being listened to and right now we have the chance to actually make a change and be there for the citizens we are elected by. I will not allow this election to have negative things overshadow the real issues in our county.

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