Month: July 2016

Classic Three Rivers Pictures #1

I cannot remember where I got these early pictures of Three Rivers but they are interesting and I thought I would pass them along. I have more and will post them in batches of 10. This is the first batch. Check out the rest here Batch #2 and Batch #3.



Early Three Rivers Post Card

I know the above is from an automotive plant but I can’t remember the name. Anybody?


White Pigeon Train Station

post office

Three Rivers Post Office


Three River Train Station


Three Rivers Chamber’s Candidate Forum

Don’t forget that the Three Rivers Chamber of Commerce is hosting a forum at Glen Oaks Community College tonight that will give residents one last chance to see the candidates before the primary next week. Check WLKM’s site for time and details.

In the case of Cody Sharpe and incumbent Allen Balog this may not be the last time you seem them together because they are not impacted by the primary. I haven’t heard if there are going to be any other events where those two will square off before the November election but I would suspect that there would have to be at least one more. 

Please let me know in comments if you know or hear of anything about another event.


Three Rivers Area Sports Complex

I have some questions about the Sports Complex but first I need to add a short amount of context because when I say I don’t know anything about it, I mean I don’t know anything about it. In fact I think the first time I ever heard about it was a month or so ago and I didn’t give it another thought about it until Mike Tilbury brought it up in another post.


Sports Complex

So here is the context.

Recently, in a private conversation, I admitted to being fairly out of touch with local politics, which stems from the latter days of the Liberty 1st forum. Near the end of the forum it became clear to me that getting people engaged in political discourse was challenging enough but keeping them engaged is next to impossible. Anyway at then end I was burnt out on local politics and felt that developing my technical skills was a better way to spend my “extra” time so I spent the years up to now working on that and ignoring most of what was going on locally. Having said that I was recently reminded of the importance of local politics so I am back. At least through this election cycle. And depending on the response to my efforts maybe  longer.

And here are the questions

So now here are my questions.

  1. Where did the idea come from? I mean who in the community is the force behind it?
  2. What is the major controversy surrounding it?
  3. What is the next event that is going to happen in the community where it will be discussed publicly?

Candidate Cody Sharpe said this on his Face Book page.

The issues that I have are the amount money spent on the property, the fact taxpayer dollars are being spent for court hearings, and the majority of the residents living need the proposed site don’t want it close to their homes.

So I (think) I know where he stands but I am interested in what others think. Oh and I did read the mission statement from their site, which reads…

We envision a complex designed for our youth that can be used by the entire community. Our youth sports programs will be moving from school sports fields and parking lots to a complex designed for each sport. We will alleviate chaos between games and draw people to the area for a financial impact to the community;and demonstrate an  investment in our youth.

In general I tend to be against anything that is going to raise my tax bill but I know that is not practical for all things in life. In closing if you don’t know the answers to the questions above I would still love to know what you think about this project (pro or against). Please add your thoughts to the comment section below.

This is Water

Note: This is a cross post from my personal website.

I am posting here also because I think that it is a great message.

This is Water is a commencement speech to the Kenyon College class of 2005 written and delivered by David Foster Wallace. Someone added a video to the words of the speech and the result is awesome. Everyone should watch this at least once.

This Is Water

Clicking on the image above will take you to You Tube.

This speech and the included video moved me like few things I find on the internet ever have. I absolutely love this and make it a point to review it on a regular basis. And I won’t claim that when I first heard it that it changed my life or anything as drastic as that. I will say that it came at the right time in my life. A time when I needed to hear it. A time when I was ready for a pivot.

Unfortunately the author has since past and the family keeps tight control of the copyright so this can not be viewed on a remote site such as the one you are on. So when you click the video it will prompt you to go to YouTube to see it. Do it. Believe me it is worth it.This-is-water

Remember. This is just water.

Meet the Candidates Night

The Three Rivers and Sturgis Area Chambers of Commerce are collaboratively offering a “Meet the Candidates Night” for the County. The event will be held on Tuesday, July 26th at the Dresser Business Center at Glen Oaks Community College. This event will offer you the opportunity to introduce yourselves to the community and educate the voters.

The evening agenda be as follows:
5:30 – County Treasurer
6:00 – County Clerk/Register of Deeds
6:30 – 15 minute intermission
6:45 – County Commission Districts 1, 2 & 3

The program will offer each candidate a 2 minute introduction then several rounds of questions which will be garnered by the local media and Chamber’s Public Policy Committees. Each candidate will be allowed 1 minute per question. We will also allow members of the audience to pose questions in writing that evening prior to the start of the event. The session will end with a 2 minute closing from each candidate.

Source here. I am really interested in this one. I can’t wait until Tuesday,

Voter Registration on Saturday

There will be volunteers at the Huss Future Festival in Three Rivers to help people register to vote in the November election between 9am and 2pm on Saturday the 23rd.

To register to vote, you must be all of the following:
•A U.S. citizen
•At least 18 years old by Election Day
•A resident of Michigan
•A resident of the city or township where you are applying to register to vote.

If you want to check to see if you are registered, visit