Month: March 2015

MSP First to Get Statewide Approval for Police Drones

Police Drone - Michigan State Police

This is the Aeryon SkyRanger, the drone that Michigan State Police can now deploy anywhere in the state. (Credit: Aeryon Labs Inc.)

Discover Magazine posted this article on their blog Michigan is First to Get Statewide Approval for Police Drones. According to the article the idea is to use them for search and rescue as well as accident reconstruction. The state police are now, based on the FAA’s approval allowed to use them anywhere in the state. They come equipped with a high definition camera and can stay in the air for an hour on a single charge.

What could go wrong? Surely not the addition of lethal weapons. Right? Read more about it here.

Common misconceptions regarding our Founding Documents

Don't Tread on me

The III Percent Society blog posted a great article about some common misconceptions regarding our Founding Documents.

We all understand the difference between the words “May” and “Can”.  When we use the word “May”, it conveys permission.  “May Not” conveys permission denied.  The word “Can”, however, is the physical ability to do a thing, regardless of the status of permission.  One may not infringe 2A, but people can and do infringe it all the time – because they have the power and willingness to imprison or kill you.

Now here is a simple reality that will strike many Patriots as counter-intuitive: The ten amendments that make up the Bill of Rights may not be altered, restricted or deleted – period.  Full Stop.

Article V many of you will say, especially those who went to law school.  The BoR was brought into existence through the Article V process, so using the same Article V process the BoR can be modified, restricted or deleted.


Read the rest…. You won’t be sorry. That is unless you are on of those infringer types.

6 facts about Michigan open carry and schools

Mlive has a list of 6 surprising facts concerning Michigan’s Open Carry law and carrying on school properties.

  1. Open carry is legal in Michigan schools for individuals with valid concealed pistol licenses. It is illegal for an individual without a concealed pistol license to carry a firearm on school property.
  2. People with a CPL cannot carry a concealed firearm on school property. Open carry is the only option available to them if they wish to carry a firearm.
  3. State law MCL 28.425o, prohibits CPL holders from carrying concealed weapons in nine designated pistol-free zones, including schools. However, the law allows parents or legal guardians dropping off or picking up a child to keep a firearm inside their vehicle.

Those are the top 3. Read the rest at the Mlive’s site 6 facts about Michigan open carry law and guns in schools.

MCRGO is in need of West Michigan volunteers

I got this in my email a couple of days ago and thought I should pass it on.

Ultimate Sports Show Grand Rapids, MIMCRGO is in need of West Michigan volunteers to help staff our booth at the Ultimate Sports Show in Grand Rapids from Thursday, March 19 to Sunday, March 22. Volunteers will pass out MCRGO newsletters, collect memberships, and answer questions the public may have regarding carry. Shifts are approximately three hours and volunteers will be reimbursed a 6 month MCRGO membership for each shift worked along with free admission to the event. Please e-mail brady at for a list of available shifts if you are interested.”

The Ultimate Sport Show runs from Thursday March 19th to Sunday March 22nd in Grand Rapids, MI. Tickets are $10 for adults, $6 for Children 6 to 14 and free for children under 5. Here is a link to the list of features and attractions. Looks like a lot of fun. I know I am going to try and make it.