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Ok after what turned out to be almost a full month I have finally restored the Liberty1st forum’s database. And for those unaware I have been having some issues with the hosting server where resides used to reside. It started a couple of months ago and originally it was just a slow down in page loads but progressed to timeouts in a very short time. After spending a couple of weeks getting no help from the host at that time I decided to find a new host before the end of a new billing cycle.

Once I found a new host I starting migrating the site but again since I couldn’t get any help/support from the old host so I couldn’t get a backup of the forum’s database. And since I did not want to start the forum over from scratch I decided that my only option was to script all the tables, views and stored procedures to a text file and then reinstall them one by one on the new server, which I did.

I was able to import everything from the old database to the new one but once done I found that there were some problems with permissions, keys and data constraints. Anyway a couple of nights ago I was finally (I think) able to get everything back in its correct place.

So right now everything seems to be working again. I will restore the links to the forum from this front page in the next day or two but for now you can get to it via this link

Please let me know through a comment to this post or directly on the forum if you find something that doesn’t work right or run into any problem at all.




  1. Hello,

    Could you please take a look at the registration process for the Liberty 1st forum. The “human user” image is not loading so I cannot sign up for membership.

    I am part of the River Country Resilience Circle

    I would like to invite yo to one of our meetings, as many of our members are liberty minded people.

    We also operate a forum that you are welcome to join.

    Thank you

    1. Matthew,

      Yes I am looking into it now and thank you very much for pointing that out to me. A while back my database was corrupted and a few things didn’t get put back they way they were before the crash. I had thought I found them all but every now and then a new one pops up that I didn’t find (like the captcha image for the forum). I will post back when I fixed it and I would absolutely love to come to a meeting and learn more about the River Country Resilience Circle.


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