Month: May 2014

Concealed Carry Class in Three Rivers May 31st

There is going to be a Concealed Carry Class in the Three Rivers Area on May 31st 2014. The class is for qualified citizens 21 and older. It will start at 7 a.m. and will continue until finished. Classes are between 8 and 10 hours long (5 hrs. class time and 3-5 hrs. of range time). There is a $25 non-refundable registration fee and $100 for the day. Firearms are available to rent for $20 (You will need at least 110 rounds of ammunition).

For more information or to register call 278-1235 ext. 208. Or stop into the Three Rivers Police department. You can also download the registration form here.

Taurus 357 Magnum

Taurus 357 Magnum

Liberty1st Forum is back up!

Liberty1st Forum Pic

Ok after what turned out to be almost a full month I have finally restored the Liberty1st forum’s database. And for those unaware I have been having some issues with the hosting server where resides used to reside. It started a couple of months ago and originally it was just a slow down in page loads but progressed to timeouts in a very short time. After spending a couple of weeks getting no help from the host at that time I decided to find a new host before the end of a new billing cycle.

Once I found a new host I starting migrating the site but again since I couldn’t get any help/support from the old host so I couldn’t get a backup of the forum’s database. And since I did not want to start the forum over from scratch I decided that my only option was to script all the tables, views and stored procedures to a text file and then reinstall them one by one on the new server, which I did.

I was able to import everything from the old database to the new one but once done I found that there were some problems with permissions, keys and data constraints. Anyway a couple of nights ago I was finally (I think) able to get everything back in its correct place.

So right now everything seems to be working again. I will restore the links to the forum from this front page in the next day or two but for now you can get to it via this link

Please let me know through a comment to this post or directly on the forum if you find something that doesn’t work right or run into any problem at all.