Month: February 2014

Vote Spotter

Vote Spotter

It’s like finding a needle in a haystack

Michigan legislators vote on hundreds of bills every year. Spotting the most important votes could feel like a full-time job.


Vote Spotter is an app developed by the Mackinac Center of Public Policy for the iPhone (and soon Android) that enables you to track the legislation that your local legislators are voting on and how they vote. The bills are written in plain English and you can select the type of legislation you are interested in provide feedback. I was a little disappointed that “firearms” was not one of the preset categories but I guess that doesn’t really fit the kind of content that the Mackinac Center for Public Policy focuses on so it makes some sense (I guess), Also this does feel a little like a version 1 app so maybe this is something that will be added in a later update. There is are some “social” elements included that may help people get the word out on particular legislation as the community around this app grows. I am excited to see what future updates bring.

For more information about this app see the Vote Spotter website here.

Last Week’s Liberty1st Posts

I have heard from a new visitor of this site that it seems defunct, which I completely agree with. It does.  And I intend to correct that starting today.

I have also heard in the past that with the newer format that I put in place a year or so ago that it isn’t always clear to people that there is a new forum included with this blog. So going forward and each week I am going to post the topic to the front page of the site.

For example:

Last Weeks Liberty1st Posts

Liberty Revival

Missing Liberty
In an effort to revive the Liberty 1st Forum I am going to start posting the most recent posts to the forum on the front page of this blog as well as committing to at least 4 posts a week for at least two months.

Also in another Liberty Revival project I am looking for some other people who would like to post about topics concerning Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness. So if you are a person interested in Liberty and would like to write about it on a regular (or semi regular) basis I would love to get some guests posts on the subject. Please Email or post a comment to the thread if you are interested in doing so.

And last of all I am working with a couple of other people to launch another site around one of my favorite topics concerning Liberty, which should be announced sometime mid summer 2014.