I will drink to this: less regulation = more beer

MLive has this article, “Top Michigan craft beer brewers talk expansion plans as lawmakers consider easing regulations

  • House Bill HB 4709, which was introduced by Representative Kevin Cotter will increase the current barrel restriction from 30,000 to 60,000
  • House Bill HB 4710, which was introduced by Representative Peter MacGregor will increase the number of other locations a brew bup may have an interest in and the barrel threshold.

Michigan’s craft beer industry is booming, and state lawmakers are looking to loosen the proverbial belt buckle and allow for future growth.

Apparently this is a part of a bipartisan movement to reduce regulations and encourage the expansion of micro breweries.

“There were some arbitrary caps put in place, and I think that was done largely just to set some number so these operations could begin,” said Cotter. “Now, we’ve had a great deal of success. Many of these brewers are not only supplying their products across Michigan, but also sending their product to many other states. This has been good for our economy and good for jobs.”

I have only recently discovered and participated in the micro brew phenomena that has been going on for the last 10 years or so and hadn’t realized how big it has become in Michigan.

And while I certainly appreciate any movement toward more freedom I have to wonder why it was necessary (or why someone thought it was necessary) to have these restrictions on these businesses in the first place.

“Craft beer tends to have higher alcohol content and price, and price trumps everything when it comes to health and safety,” said Marie Hansen of MAP, which generally opposes legislation that would expand alcohol consumption and has proposed increased sin taxes.

Oh yea. That’s why. People like Marie Hansen of MAP (whoever and whatever that is) think they know better about what is good and right for us. I Googled Marie and MAP but couldn’t find anything about either of them but I do have to say her / their logic makes complete sense to me. Of course the expansion of breweries in my area means that I will lose all self control and not be to make be able to make responsible decisions for my self.

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I will drink to that! Winking smile

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