Why not just ban violence?

Juxtaposed with the last post, Jackson County, MI allows employees to carry guns to work, a Grand Rapids Commissioner (on his way out) wants to exempt theirs and apparently other Michigan Cities from the Michigan Constitution.

James White took time at the end of a Tuesday, Aug. 27, City Commission meeting to read a prepared statement that “cities are different” from most of Michigan, and he urged lawmakers to “change any laws that might restrict the authority of cities to regulate violence and the potential for violence.”

So he wants to exempt cities from the law to protect cities from law abiding citizens? Smart. Very smart.

“The city has to have different rules because of the role it has to play,” White said after the meeting. “The state should value the cities and not say ‘Oh, you can’t’” regulate guns.

Umm no. The city has to follow the laws that everyone else in the state has to follow.

“Cities are not forests, farms, wildernesses, deserts or rain forests. Cities are markets for the exchange of goods, services and ideas. For the sake of the free flow of goods, services and ideas, cities must be regulated so that there is even and safe playing field.

I for one, feel a heck of a lot safer in a forest, farm, wilderness then I do of any city so this argument makes no sense.

“I believe that most gun owners are responsible people. But open carry implies the willingness to use the gun under certain circumstances. Other people are left to guess what those circumstances might be. Having to wonder is intimidation.

Of course carrying a gun in the open or concealed implies a willingness to use it. Why else would you carry one? It is not my concern what other people are left to guess about. Free speech is intimidation to some people. And some people just need to get over it.

“I recommend that the state of Michigan change any laws that might restrict the authority of cities to regulate violence and the potential for violence.”

If it is that easy why not just ban violence from your city? That should work, right?

If you can stand it read the rest of the article: Ban open carry of guns in Grand Rapids? City commissioner wants to regulate ‘potential for violence’

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