Michigan Firearm Legislative Update 02/26/2013

Senate Bill 213 is the bill number for the newly re-introduced version of last year’s vetoed SB 59. Along with a number of other positive changes, it would:

  1.  Eliminate County Gun Boards and move their responsibility to the Michigan State Police.  The task of accepting the application and printing the CPL would remain with your county clerk.
  2. Reduce the price to get a CPL from $105 to $90.  For first time issuance, finger printing is still required and a police agency may charge you an additional fee (on top of the $90) of up to $15 in order to finger print you.  Renewal CPL applications would not require a fingerprinting, thus saving you $15 compared to the status quo.
  3. Repeal Several of the Pistol Free Zones found in MCL 28.425o outright (No compromising open Carry, no additional training).  Zones being repealed include: (b) public/private daycare or public/private child placement agency, (c) sports arena or stadium, (d) a bar or tavern, (f) an “entertainment facility” where the seating capacity is over 2,500 people, (h) a dorm or classroom of a community college, college, or university. No additional training would be required to carry there.  Remaining pistol free zones (schools, churches, hospitals) would have an “opt-in” ability similar to what churches have right now — this would allow the people in charge of these facilities to allow conceal carry on their premises.  Currently schools and hospitals cannot even grant permission to someone to carry concealed on their premises.

Source: Michigan Coalition for Responsible Gun Owners

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