Meet Emily

It’s narrated by Emily O’Neill, who contrasts the moocher mentality of Julia with how she wants her life to develop. To give away the message, she wants the kind of fulfillment that only exists when you earn things.

More on this subject and the video can be found at the Center for Freedom and Prosperity web site.


  1. Emily, Very idealistic scenario, that hard work (or lack of it) is the primary reason behind success or failure. Actually, you are missing the other chief component needed. You and others who have been successful have found what is called the right opportunity and seized upon it for success.

    The problem is, that not every person in America, despite their willingness to work hard and do what it takes, have located that right moment for success.

    And that, Emily, is the difference between the people who work hard and have not succeeded and the people who work hard and are successful. Congratulations on finding the right avenue that gave you your success.

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