Who’d have thought?

To whatever high school intern probably came up with the idea, the White House’s "Attack Watch" website and Twitter account must have seemed a spark of genius. After all, they yoked together two trendy ideas—rapid response and crowd-sourcing—in service to the president. Give people the opportunity to report false and malicious things others are saying about Obama, so the administration and its supporters can fight back.
What could possibly go wrong?
The intern—whoever it was—must have been too young to remember the left’s Bush-era motto: "Dissent is the highest form of patriotism."

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  1. My definition of ‘dissent’ revolves around having a difference of opinion on a subject. This site has nothing to do with stopping people from disagreeing with Obama. This site appears to deal with debunking lies and the like.

    If you think that Obama’s approach to improving the economy is flawed this site doesn’t care.

    If you think that Obama wasn’t born in this country this site will attempt to show that you are incorrect.

    If you think that ‘ObamaCare’ has death panels this site will show that it doesn’t.

    If you think that the Healthcare bill is flawed for whatever justifiable reason you may have, this site doesn’t care.

    You could possibly argue the merits of attempting to correct ever falsehood floating around in cyberspace. I think that for the most part it’s a fools errand.

  2. Greg the site encourages people to report on the activities of other Americans. Look at the drop down choices for Attack Type in the Report Attack page.


    These are activities that people like us engage in every day. You don’t find it bothersome that the government is openly encouraging people to report these activities and storing this information somewhere?

    Let’s assume for a minute that your version of this site is correct and its purpose is to correct misinformation.

    I believe that any institution that pays for health care is going to have to make hard decisions when it comes how the money gets allocated and there will be someone somewhere who will decide who lives and dies based on cost and need. In other words, there will absolutely have to be some sort of death panel. I believe that and have put it in writing on this site.

    Now let’s say that one of my neighbors disagrees and reports me on that site. The neighbor doesn’t need to be convinced otherwise because he is already convinced he is right. He is the choir to that site’s preacher, so to speak.

    So what happens next? Are they going to contact me and tell me I am wrong? Will I get a visit from one of them to explain their “truth” to me?

    I suspect that neither of those things will happen because they don’t have time to worry about people like me. So then I have to ask what the point of all this is because I do not think it is for the purpose you say. It just doesn’t make sense.

    My guess is that the information does get saved somewhere but no one looks at it. I think the real purpose is to build an email list of people (the reporters) that will later be used to ask for money and get out the vote drives.

    At the end of the day and regardless of which one of us is right it is still very creepy for an American president to ask Americans to spy and report on other Americans.

  3. Frankly, the site could probably get just as much information about misinformation by doing a Google search so the site does probably gather info about Obama supporters – the only ones who would bother to report such stuff anyway. I, a supporter, would never bother to actually report anything largely because it’s a futile effort.

    On the subject of death panels, I guess we would need to determine the definition of death panel. I think that death panel already exist in the insurance industry. They are driven by the almighty dollar. Profit for the insurance company decides who lives and who dies.
    Now the question that must be asked is this one. In future ‘Obamacare’ world – that’s a one payer system, the liberal dream, if you don’t know that – how does the death panel operate.

    The fear mongers want us to believe that life and death would be determined by the person’s value. So your poor grandma dies while someone else’s rich grandma lives. I think might be true today in the current system but I don’t think that is the desired design. The ideal design is based on coming to terms with the idea that rich or poor we all die eventually – no escaping that outcome. The allocation of resources would then best be used by giving to the persons most able to be saved.

    As far as reporting people I already have reported you and the satelites are already trained on your house monitoring your every move. LOL – Enemy of the State, I loved that movie.

    The question of our time is what is actually being done with the information that can be gathered and analyzed by people and groups today and in the future. Corporations, government, interest groups everyone is gathering information. This Obama site isn’t doing anything different than any other group. And don’t think for a minute that the ‘other side’ isn’t doing the same thing. The idea of privacy is gone. The scary thing for me is the ease at which young people give information away without a thought about who sees it or what they might do with it.

    On your final thought I would say this, the level of misinformation that was directed at this president was huge. Not only that but the lies got main stream coverage giving them crediblity. I don’t see this site as a ‘record every conversation’ circa Nixon kind of creepy. I think it’s a current running politician’s campaign machine tool. Something to look forward to from all future politicians. Now how close to 1984 Big Brother this type of thing takes us is anybody’s guess, unless we are already there??

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