Month: July 2011


Three Rivers finally has a Rifle Pistol Range (or will soon). I pulled this from their home page, which can be found here. Update 7/15/201: The Web Site seems to be down and has been for a little while so you can find out more information from their FaceBook page.

Welcome to Three Rivers Combat Range

We will be open Sunday, July 10, 2011

Our outdoor pistol-rifle range is comprised of six shooting ranges. Traditional pistol (25 yards) and rifle (75 yards) ranges where you shoot traditional targets. We then have four combat shoot and move tactical ranges using different type of targets and barricades. All ranges are set up to include Airsoft pistols & rifles.

We are West Michigan’s only firearms training facility to include a state of the art Laser Firearms Training Simulator in all of our training courses. Our indoor digital firearms training simulators and video course wear uses state of the art weapons or use your own weapon with a laser insert teaches shooters the proper techniques before moving to the live fire range.

I can’t wait to check it out.

Updated 7/21/2011: See the Liberty1st forum an update on this subject (second post in the thread)