Month: February 2011

The Classic Liberal asks

Do you want Constitutionally-limited government, or do you "miss me yet" George W. Bush? Is the Constitution the law of the land, or do you support the PATRIOT Act? Do you want to "get back to the Constitution," or fight a War on Drugs? Small government, or Utopian nation-building? Constitution, or Executive war powers?

Do you want self-government, or bureaucratic "leaders?" Do you want liberty, or morality down the barrel of a gun? Do you want a free market, or bureaucratic managed trade?

These are all great questions and questions that those who are active in the Tea Party movement need to ask themselves. I am hopeful but not confident that many of the people who self identity as Tea Party Members, or for that matter, as Conservatives are better friends to Liberty then liberals, progressives or socialists. We need not replace one brand of anti-liberty policies with our own. In other words we cannot have it both ways. We either believe in Constitutionally limited government or we don’t. It should be a core principle and not something that depends on which party is in power.

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House Unexpectedly Defeats Patriot Act

The newly-minted House Republican leadership botched a vote Tuesday night when it presumed it had the necessary support to reauthorize the Patriot Act, the anti-terrorism law imposed after September 11th.

The GOP expected little trouble with the bill. So Republicans brought the Patriot Act to the floor under a special procedure that requires a two-thirds vote for passage. It’s a maneuver that’s typically reserved for non-controversial legislation or bills that carry wide support.

Renewing that Patriot Act had certainly had wide support. 277 members voted in favor of the measure compared to just 148 nays.

But that’s short of the two-thirds supermajority. Which means the House defeated the bill.

Nice. More here.

Repeal the Michigan Pistol Free Zones

Recently a bill was introduced in Michigan to repeal the pistol free zones that were part of the Concealed Pistol Act that was passed in 2000 and became effective in 2001.




Say, I am a crazed, evil or unbalanced criminal who preys on innocent people and the voices in my head are telling me to go a school or hospital and kill as many people as possible. Is a paper gun law on “pistol free zones” going to stop me? Of course not. By definition criminals don’t obey our laws. Many of the high profile shootings in the past years have been in supposed “gun free zones.” Not only does this prove the point that these laws do not provide any real safety, it causes us to speculate if the bad guys consciously chose these places because they know there would be no armed resistance to whatever plan they want to carry out. If so, the law makes us less safe, not more safe.

Read the whole thing here. Also see HB 4009 – Pistol free areas; eliminate.