Michigan Offenses Known to Law Enforcement by City, 2009

The F.B.I. has posted the 2009 Crime Statistics broken down by city for Michigan here. Three Rivers makes the top 25 in percentage of total crimes divided by population. In other words I added up all the columns and then divided by the population and then sorted them by the percentage. Three Rivers ranked 30 of 393 cities in violent crimes as a percentage of the population, which makes me wonder how the people on the city commission can claim that Three Rivers doesn’t have a crime problem.

Note: This chart and post was edited after I originally posted it because I was lumping in all crimes together, which didn’t represent the data the way I had intended it to. For the most part the cities and their order stayed the same but there were obviously some differences in ranking and I think this reflects more accurately the point I was trying to make in the original post.


  1. You know I didn’t think of it when I created the chart but it is somewhat misleading, as it is, because it adds violent crimes and property crimes together to get the percentage. I am going to separate them and redo the chart.

    I will be right back.

  2. Kristin I seperated the violent from property crimes and reposted the chart showing the differences.

    Thanks for making me take a second look at it.

  3. I know! Those of you who think Three Rivers is such a rotten place to live, you can move to Sturgis. According to Buck’s unbelievably accurate information, Sturgis doesn’t have any crime. Be seein’ ya in the 49091 zip code!

  4. B Cleary the numbers came directly from the FBI. You can see them for yourself at the link below.


    And for the record Sturgis had 55 Violent Crimes and 375 Property Crimes reported so with a population of 10,866 their percentages were .5% and 3.5%.

    I also have never claimed that Three Rivers is a rotten place to live. I just think that we should be truthful about the situation so that we can deal with the problems head on.

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