November 2, 2010 Election Results

Election results for all Saint Joseph County elections can be found here. Discussions here.


  1. Maybe Mr. Edgell should find out why his “supporters” who post here didn’t write letters to the editor at the TR C-N (or RCJ) telling the voters why they should have voted for him. Too bad, so sad.

  2. My name is Judy Lexington, a regular person interested in all kinds of politics, local and otherwise and, frankly, disgusted by the unkind things said about Commissioner Griffith and City Manager Bippus. Who the heck is Pepa? I remember, in the 80’s, a really cool girl rap group called Salt and Pepa. Or is it Pep-ay like the cartoon SKUNK, Pepe LePew?

  3. Judy I am very glad that you are here to defend the both of them. I only wish that there were more people with the courage of their convictions to do the same thing.

    It has always been a disappointment, for me, to see how few people local to the Three Rivers area actively get engaged in politics. Local politics are so important to our daily lives but the majority of us are more concerned about the lives of the current group of people we call celebrities.

  4. Pepe Lepew Ah Judy you funny but I’ll tell you what who really stinks in city hall. Joe he is what stinks, anyone who waits until the last night of a former mayor’s term to fire someone because, they did not want to cover up the fact Bippuss owed a special assessement and did not want to pay it. That is what stinks and Mayberry Daryl went along with it and for what? To help Bippuss cover up his tracks.

    At least Wendy H. was proven right. So who really is mean and nasty? Actions speak louder than words Judy.

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