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When I set up this blog my intention was to remove the comments feature and replace it with a link to the Liberty1st forum. I wanted to do this to consolidate the discussions that take place on this site, which in turn would help keep the threads from spilling over here and onto the forum or vise versa. Also and as a side benefit it would make the site much easier to manage from a “web masters” point of view.

However I never removed the comments link and after only a few days I have already received my first comment on the site (wishing me a safe trip out of town) . So after giving this some more thought I am going to leave them on for a while and see how things turn out.

If it becomes too much of a management hassle or if things start to sprawl from one area to the other I will remove the comments link as I had originally intended, which should, at least, leave the existing comments in tact.

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