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Besides the Liberty1st Forum topic list on the menu bar located on the right side of this page. There are three other methods for keeping up to date on the topics that are discussed there.

  1. A Top 100 posts of all time (based on read counts)
  2. An RSS Feed for the latest posts.
  3. An “Active Topics” Link for all the topics that have been updated since your last visit.

If you are new to the site the forum is a place where people from the Three Rivers area and all of the surrounding areas have a soap box to stand on and speak their minds on all things political and some things non political.

All viewpoints are welcome so please take some time to browse the forum, join the discussions and add your own two cents.

I hope to see you there soon!


  1. Hi Buck,

    I don’t know how to create a new forum topic or to get out some general information.

    But I just learned that I&M is offering a special senior rate for residentlal electric service that I’m sure Liberty 1st members who are over 65 will want to take advantage of.

    Here’s the deal. Right now, the standard rate is approximately 8.5 cents per kwh. The senior rate is based on usage. For the first 300 kwh, that cost is only 3.5 cents; i.e., at a difference of 5 cents per kwh, it should reduce a monthly electric bill by $15.00. Further, for usage between 300 and 900 kwh, the senior rate is a little over 7.9 cents (a long fraction), still a small savings. Over 900kwh, the rate reverts to the standard 8.5 cents.

    I called them (1-800-311-6424), and the representative stated I would receive a short form in the mail after the first year that I needed to fill out and return (They’re apparently getting lots of requests for this option).

    Feel free to use this info however you deem appropriate for the site.

    – Jim –

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